Monday, August 20, 2007


The gang issue like every major issue in the country is only going to get worse. 

Sure, the issue will get pampers and talked to death but in the end nothing with any real teeth will come about. We live in a modern age but human nature haven’t advanced for the better, not one iota. 

It is simple you cannot maintain order without discipline and you can’t have discipline without a bite with teeth.

Many individuals require no discipline, but never forget one bad apple can spoil a whole barrel. I know this article is a waste of my time but somebody needs to tell it like it is. 

Our whole correction system needs to be refocused. People that break the law and don’t follow the rules need to be put to work for their own keep. 

Instead of spending all of the tax payers money on expensive prisons, mass private run farms should be set up for anyone breaking US. Law and I mean everyone, no exceptions.
Many could still live at home. 

Sure, the small percentage of hardcore violent criminals must be kept locked up tight. But all of these non-violent drug and petty criminals should be put to hard labor instead of pumping iron and watching color TV. 

That would send a message, then you wouldn’t see this mass number of people going in and out of the prison system. 

Sure, most think I’m a kook and out dated, but this country is going down and positive results is the only thing that’s going to save us.

The same thing applies to the Iraq situation; discipline is the only thing that is going to bring order. The million-dollar question is, who is going to maintain the discipline? 

I don’t have the answer, probably no one does. Maybe have a special runoff type election and let the people choose, then the winner could declare martial law. 

We can’t run, but we can’t afford to pay the cost in blood and money forever. We all would like to see democracy take root, but it's never going to happen without order, first.

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