Monday, August 20, 2007


In my view solving the illegal immigration dilemma is like trying to charm a two-headed snake. 

It can end up biting a lot of politicians. Very few actually recognize this issue for what it really is. 

I don’t think this hot button highly charged emotional issue is going to flame down no matter what consensus is reached. Myself, I recognize this emotional charged issue as just plain old fashion sibling rivalry.

And there is only two ways to heal sibling rivalry, first, through hard but fair discipline, or make sure there is plenty enough love to go around. 

This country actually has a prevailing dependent mentality just like children in a big family, due to big government dependency. 

Many politicians think an influx of new payers paying into the social security system is a good thing, but, especially the elderly think just the opposite.

The elderly see the illegals as a threat to bankrupt social security, which to them is an unforgivable sin that they will not forget. 

You mark my words; these old folks are going to be hell bent on punishing somebody at the polls.

I must have said it a thousand times or more, the immigration invasion is just a symptom. And in my view no amount of sugar coating a symptom is going to heal the problem or bring lasting peace.

No one wants to hear it but freedom as we know it is doomed in this country unless we private out of this dooms day welfare state. And politically I don’t think we any longer have the wisdom or the will to do that. 

I believe within ten years there could be mass civil unrest in this country that could end in permanent martial law. All great nations falls from within. 

You can seal the border, build a wall, or a hundred different things, but in my view nothing is going to stop this welfare state from destroying this nation unless we privatize damn near everything.

God save America.
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